Fieldstone Online Services’ tailored services can assist in making the transition
a traditional instructor-led format to a live online format as smooth as possible.

Cost Savings

Your company may be hoping to take advantage of the cost savings offered by virtual training, such as saving time, or reducing travel expenses. Regardless of your reason, the time is now for making the move to virtual training.

Virtual Training

With the advances in technology, growth of mobile devices, and the increased mobility and globalisation of the workforce, virtual training can become an important revenue stream and tribute to the continued growth of your company.

Sell Courses

We make it easy for organisations to sell their courses through their own LMS. Or would your organisation like to receive revenue from client’s who prefer using their own LMS for your courses while you can rest easy, knowing your material is protected?


Our many flexible hosting and membership packages allows us to offer you licensing options which range from long-term contracts to pay-per-use, all designed to make your courses more attractive and competitive in the marketplace.